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The History of Charles R. Kingsley

CHARLES R. KINGSLEY, a prosperous general agriculturist and successful stock-raiser, of Ontwa Township, Cass County, Mich., is a native of the Old Bay State and was born in Bernardston, Franklin County, Mass., May 21, 1831. The parents of our subject, Elijah and Harriet (Carpenter) Kingsley, were of New England birth and were reared among the […]

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The Ring of the Green — Our Ancestors in Rehoboth

Many of the family ancestors settled in Massachusetts, many in a place called Rehoboth. Most notably the Carpenter and Sabin families called Rehoboth home. According to the History of Weymouth, in 1643, 40 families departed Weymouth – perhaps due to religious dissent. William Carpenter’s family and William Sabin’s family were two of the 40, along […]

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The Skulkers: Whitcomb’s Rangers

One of our ancestors, Nathaniel Carpenter, was said to be in the Revolutionary War. Nathaniel served 8 months in the Revolutionary War in 1775. A resident of Guilford, VT; he was a Private in Captain Draper’s Co., Col. Gardiner’s Regiment. He is also believed to be the same Nathaniel Carpenter ‚”of the Grants, Cumberland Co., […]

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A Love Story: Alice Carpenter and William Bradford

The Carpenter family could easily be over looked, but their long history in England alone would be enough to remember the family. We’ll address the British history, but the story of our Carpenter family has to start with Alice Carpenter. “The widow Alice Carpenter Southworth (c 1590-3-1679) was the daughter of Alexander Carpenter, a Pilgrim […]

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Bradford arms

Family Coats of Arms

One of the things you become aware of as your genealogy research progresses, is the idea of a family crest, or coat of arms. Started as a way to help identify units on the battle field (most were family or clan related or at least under the command of a family), these crests add an […]

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The Bevis: A Later Mayflower

The Bevis, also known as the Bevis of Hampton was a ship that brought “Emigrants” from England to New England in 1638 at a time when thousands of Puritans left England seeking freedom of religious practice. The ship master was named Robert Batten. One voyage carried 61 settlers from Southampton, England, leaving on 16 May 1638, to “Newengland”. The ship’s destinations […]

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