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Tribute to the Work of Mark Valsame

Sometimes, we stumble upon people’s work and realize the effort and work they did. Such was my good fortune when I ran across Mark Vasame’s family page on the old Geocities. His work was outstandingly detailed, resourced, and interesting. I used his work regularly. His site disappeared recently, but was captured by the Wayback Machine. […]

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Huguenots struggle led to the emigration of Henry Mershon

Religion has been an historic motivator of our family to emigrate to the US. The Pilgrims (and Huguenots of this story) were Calvinists who left their European homes to escape religious persecution. Our family includes the emigration of Henry Mershon. Dr. Oliver Francis Mershon told the story of the Mershon emigration:   Our ancestral study […]

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Are We Related to French Royalty?

I was recently presented with a family history that purports to show us as related to Charles the V — King of France. The records supporting the claim were not presented, and I certainly have not been able to support this, it’ll provide some interesting discussion and perhaps years of research. Using the work presented to […]

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Bradford arms

Family Coats of Arms

One of the things you become aware of as your genealogy research progresses, is the idea of a family crest, or coat of arms. Started as a way to help identify units on the battle field (most were family or clan related or at least under the command of a family), these crests add an […]

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American Patriot: Benjamin Merrill

In the years leading up to the American Revolution, we often focus on the events taking place near Boston. When we do, we overlook the events taking place elsewhere. One of those events elsewhere was the “War of Regulation” which our great (6x) grand father, Benjamin Merrill rebelled against the crown and was one of […]

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