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  1. Came across your wonderfully done site while researching Samuel Abbe, a distant grandfather. I’ve often thought of trying to share my own research with family and others, but feel daunted by the technical details of publishing online. Have you found this particular venue “Rigorous” to be simple to use? It appears to be an upgrade to a basic free WordPress blog? As this is more overwhelming to me than even the family research, I’d appreciate your experienced advice.

    Thank you,
    Cousin Lori

    1. WordPress is very easy to use. You can find a hosted site at wordpress.com

      Setting up your own site is not difficult, but requires a host and some time.

  2. Silly me, forgot to ask a most important question: Have you participated in any atDNA testing, and where might it be shared for comparison? We are at all five of the major companies, so if a match exists that would be fun!

    1. So far, no. We haven’t done DNA. Mine would be easy . . . trace all ancestors back to Europe within four generations. My wife’s would be much more interesting.

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