Does At&T Unlock Iphone after Contract

For customers who have fulfilled their AT&T contract or paid off their iPhone in full, the question of whether or not AT&T will unlock their iPhone is an important one. In this article, we`ll explore the policies and procedures AT&T has in place for unlocking iPhones.

First, let`s define what it means to “unlock” an iPhone. When an iPhone is “locked” to a specific carrier, it means that it can only be used with that carrier`s service. Unlocking an iPhone allows it to be used with any carrier`s service, giving the owner more freedom and flexibility.

According to AT&T`s website, they will unlock an iPhone after the customer has fulfilled their contract or paid off their device in full. This means that if you purchased your iPhone on a two-year contract and have completed the full two years, or if you financed your iPhone through AT&T`s installment plan and have paid off the full cost of the device, you are eligible to have your iPhone unlocked.

To request an unlock, customers can visit AT&T`s website and fill out a device unlock request form. AT&T states that they will respond to the request within two business days. It`s important to note that AT&T may require additional information from the customer in order to complete the unlock request successfully.

It`s also worth noting that there are some exceptions to AT&T`s unlock policy. iPhones that are still under contract or installment plans, or that have been reported as lost or stolen, are not eligible for unlocking. Additionally, iPhones that have been used for fraudulent activity or that have outstanding payments due may also be ineligible for unlocking.

In conclusion, if you have fulfilled your AT&T contract or paid off your iPhone in full, you are eligible to have your iPhone unlocked through AT&T`s website. While there are some exceptions to their unlock policy, AT&T generally allows customers to have more freedom and flexibility with their iPhones once they have completed their contractual obligations.