Louise Schauer’s Birth Record Found!

One of the records I could not locate was a birth record for my Grandmother, Louise E. Schauer. I knew her birthday was 12 November 1895 in what I was pretty sure was Milwaukee, but only knew Wisconsin for sure.

I also had found most of Grandma’s sibling’s records. They all matched. Parents: Christoff Schauer and Marie Hamman.

I was puzzled, and had consigned myself to hoping for a break. I got a break when I found an index on Family Search.Org. It had an Emilie Szauer with Parent’s listed as Christoff Szauer and Marie Hamman, and on her birthdate. The only place the image existed was at the LDS facility in Utah.

I sought a volunteer, who indicated he would try to find the record. Five months later, I still hadn’t heard. Then came a second break, A Wisconsin Genealogy Facebook group had a post talking about pre-1907 Wisconsin birth records.

Using that hint, I found the record.

Attached is what I am almost certain is Grandma Nehmer’s (Louise Schauer) birth record.

Only two differences . . . 

1) The last name is consistently spelled differently (Szauer instead of Schauer). I think that can be attributed to German recorded on a English document reported by a midwife.

2) Grandma’s first name was Louise, not Emile. When I’ve seen it, her name was Louise E. I never saw what the E was for. Could be she adopted Louise to differentiate her from her sister Emma and kept the E(mile) as a middle name. Or maybe her parent’s found the Emma/ Emilie confusing, too. (Although they named their third daughter, Ella. It does strengthen the case that all three girls had E- names.)

Not sure I’ll ever know for sure, but I’m pretty certain this is her. It’s nice to find this missing piece.

Louise E Schauer’s Birth Record – (Emilie Szauer) Milwaukee Public Library; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Collection: Milwaukee Vital Records; Call Number: 929.3