Marriage Contract Chinese Drama 2021

Marriage Contract: Everything You Need to Know About the Upcoming Chinese Drama in 2021

If you are a fan of Chinese dramas, then you should definitely mark your calendar for the upcoming Marriage Contract drama. It`s an upcoming TV series that promises to offer an exciting storyline full of romance, drama, and some unexpected twists.

Produced by Tencent Penguin Pictures, this drama will feature some of the most talented actors in China, including Zhang Xincheng and Wei Miao. It`s already generating a lot of buzz among drama enthusiasts, and fans are eagerly waiting to watch the first episode.

Here`s what you need to know about the upcoming Marriage Contract:


Marriage Contract will showcase the story of two young people, Fu Weining and Wu Jiani, who fall in love after meeting each other. However, their happiness is short-lived when Fu Weining is diagnosed with a rare disease that has no cure. To ensure that Wu Jiani is taken care of even after his passing, Fu Weining decides to marry her.

The drama will follow their journey as they navigate their newfound love and the challenges that come with it. The plot is heartwarming, touching, and is sure to make you shed a tear or two.


The two lead actors, Zhang Xincheng and Wei Miao, have already proved their mettle in the Chinese drama industry with their standout performances in numerous TV series. Zhang Xincheng, who plays Fu Weining, is best known for his roles in Go Ahead and The Longest Day in Chang`an. Wei Miao, on the other hand, has previously starred in dramas like The Story of Ming Lan and The Lost Tomb 2.

The supporting cast also features some impressive names, including talented actors like Sun Shaolong, Zhang Xinyu, and Tao Xinran, who are sure to deliver some captivating performances.

Release Date

The release date for Marriage Contract drama has not yet been officially announced. However, sources suggest that it will be premiered sometime in late 2021. Fans will have to wait a few months before they can finally watch the drama on Tencent Video.

In conclusion, Marriage Contract is a highly anticipated Chinese drama that`s sure to win hearts with its heartwarming storyline and exceptional cast. If you`re a fan of romance dramas, you won`t want to miss this one. So get ready to fall in love, laugh, and cry with Fu Weining and Wu Jiani as they navigate the complexities of their emotional journey in Marriage Contract.