Missing Image of Great Grandpa Christ Schauer?

One of the problems I ran into was that my Great Grandfather died in the early 1900’s and I could find no pictures of him. I had pictures of Great Grandma Marie Hamann Schauer, but not of Great Grandpa.

After checking with as many relatives, I was about to give up until I remembered a picture of G-Grandma Marie in her living room. The picture features her behind a desk with a bust of Abraham Lincoln and a few picture on her desk. On the wall in the background is a picture of an unknown man. He kinda looked like Schauer’s I had seen.

The image that started the quest.

How to recover a useable image? Being retired, I did have time, but no skills in photo restoration. But, I ran across a Facebook group, Random Acts of Photo Restoration, a group of people who enjoy volunteering their time to help those who have photos with damage of one kind or another.

I thought I’d give it a try. The results were pretty amazing.

Here, then, is what will likely represent G- Grandpa Christ Schauer forever.

Thanks to Kathleen Sept Dubchak who used the Remini application and a little artistic license looks like.