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BURTON Surnames: Banister, Bee, Bollen, Bowman, Brumley, Burton, Carleton, Clark, Davis, Deems, DeWeese, Duppa, Dutrieux, Esther, Forster, Gisch, Graf, Holstein, Houghton, Hull, Jung, Kent or Prince, Lauer, Lisle, Lloyd, Mayer, McCrary, McKelvey, McKenny, Merrell, Mershon, Moon, Nau, Parker, Pemberton, Saunders, Schumerhorn, Seibert, Smith, Spengler, Stout, Truax, Vauquellin, Walker, Watson, West, Wheeler, Whitaker, Whitbeck, Wieliams,

STIEHM Surnames: Adam, Jeske, Koenges, Krump, Laengert, Schloesser, Schwolck, Stahnke, Stiehm, Tonn.

SCHUTT Surnames: (Olive Schutt married Otto Stiehm)

Abbe, Arnold, Bass, Bevin, Bidwell, Billington, Blake, Bond, Bourn, Bradford, Briant, Bruce, Buckingham, Bushe, Butler, Cantize, Carpenter, Edson, Emerson, English, Gilbert, Hale, Hanson, Heath, Hinksman, Holden, House, Hunt, Johnson, Kingsley, Knowlton, Lathrop, Little, Loring, Martin, Morton, Mowry, Neale, Newcomb, Newman, Nott, Ormsby, Parrish, Penn, Perkins, Pidge, Powell, Pray, Raymond, Redaway, Richards, Sabin, Salter, Savil, Schutt, Slate, Smith, Sutton, Thompson, Underwood, Upham, Wainwright, Walker, Wattell, Weeks, Whipple, Wilcocks, Wood, Wright.


10 Generations of Burtons and Stiehms from Joan Stiehm.
10 Generations of Burtons and Stiehms from Joan Stiehm.



Surnames: Antonissen, Appelteeren, Both, Camstra, den Dekker, Dijk, Dongerwaert, Eykelkamp, Fasinga, Ferwerda, Fijnaart, Goes, Haanstra, Ijdel, Ijseren, Jans, Jentjes, Kerk, Lijst, Mixe, Monshouwer, Pauwels, Peters, Plat, Reis, Sas, Staf, Tempelmans, Thoor, Tolma, Udel, Uijtert, van Baalen, van Baardewijk, van Eeuwijk, van der Pol, van der Wal, Vergeer, Verkerk, Versteeg, Vuuren, Wagenaar, Weert, Willigen.

Nine generations of Van Der Wals from Henry Van Der Wal.
Nine generations of Van Der Wals from Henry Van Der Wal.


Surname List: Baska, Black, Faber, Hamman, Heto, Jurenka, Kersten, Kulik, Lambrecht, Lange, Nehmer, Pajtas, Plangenz, Ruman, Rusznak, Sajdak, Schauer, Sidlik, Stelse

Sajdak Family
Five generations of Sajdaks and Nehmers from John and Marie Sajdak

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  1. Hello. I stumbled onto your page while looking for more information about William Bradford and Alice Carpenter. I also descend from their son William IV on my maternal line. I also saw your post about being a cousin of Abraham Lincoln through his mother Nancy Hanks. We have a match there as I descend from William The Carpenter Hanks as does Lincoln, on my father’s side. I wonder if we have other ancestors in common?

    I truly appreciate all of your well researched posts … especially the stories. Thank you!

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