Tribute to the Work of Mark Valsame

Sometimes, we stumble upon people’s work and realize the effort and work they did. Such was my good fortune when I ran across Mark Vasame’s family page on the old Geocities. His work was outstandingly detailed, resourced, and interesting.

I used his work regularly. His site disappeared recently, but was captured by the Wayback Machine. As a tribute and to keep his work around, go to:

For information on our family, read the following pages:

  • Mark Carleton
  • The McCrarys
  • The Merrills
  • The Smiths
  • The Stouts
  • The Whitakers

The genealogical sketches on this site represent a summation of the ancestry of James Mark Valsame. They are the result of more than thirty years of in-depth genealogical research using primary source materials found in variety of different archival repositories, including the North Carolina State Archives, the South Carolina State Archives, the Virginia State Library, and the New Jersey State Archives, as well as numerous local and county repositories. All sketches and images on this site are held in copyright by the compiler.