Update! The Travels of Albert

Earlier, I posted about the “travails of Albert”.

At that time, the evidence we had of Albert and family in a 2 or 3 year stay in Texas was the manifest for the return of Grandfather, Ernest Nehmer, from World War I. And Albert’s WWI draft registration.

I found the 1920 census from Justice Precinct 4, Hidalgo Co, Texas! (Attached below.)

The census shows, Albert, Anna, Rose, William, Theodore, and Howard living on a farm they owned (mortgaged) doing farming. The farm apparently was in an area called “the Valley.” Lots of citrus farms down there due to the tropical weather. (Although the census said they were farming “general crops.) Very close to the Mexican border.

That makes the travels of Albert and family in the late 1910s and early 1920s as follows:

1910 – Place of Residence, Oakland, Jefferson, Wisconsin, US Census, Albert Nehmer

5 June 1917 – WWI Registration Card for Ernest Nehmer Lake Mills, W

I6 Jul 1918 – Place of Residence, 1010 Foster St, Evanston, Illinois, 45y 9m 9d SOURCE: Ernest Nehmer’s Embarkation to Europe WWI

9 Sep 1918 – Draft Registration, RFD Mission, Hidalgo, TX SOURCE: Albert Nehmer Draft Registration

20 May 1919 – Place of Residence, Mission, Texas, 46y 8m 6d SOURCE: Ernest Nehmer’s Return to US after WWI

January 1920 – US Census. Justice Precinct 5, Hidalgo County, Texas

Hoard's Dairyman Ad

28 Jan 1921 – Place of Residence, Route 9 Watertown, WI, 48y 4m 1d SOURCE: Ad in Hoard’s Dairyman, Reply to Albert Nehmer

Raises, of course, more questions. Why would they, in a year, sell the farm and move back to Wisconsin?

More research to come!